Reading Wedding DJ Info & Pricing, All Party Starz Entertainment Lancaster PA 717-327-4742

Reading Wedding DJ Info & Pricing, All Party Starz Entertainment Lancaster PA 717-327-4742

We made this video to give you info you need to know when hiring a DJ, Lengths of events based on crowd, start times, Questions you should ask a DJ and our philosophies on running a DJ event. Our goal is to take care of our customers and give them the best experience for the most fair price!

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Planning a Holiday Wedding? Here Are Some Tips to Make It Memorable

Holiday weddings have a special place amongst weddings as they bring the magic and love of the holidays to every guest. It’s not difficult to impress guests and create memories when you bring the beautiful decor and spirit of the season into the wedding and reception, and there are plenty of ways to do so. Consider some of the following methods and get ready to have a day you’ll cherish forever.

Golf Courses Make Great Venues For Weddings!

Nowadays, weddings aren’t confined to a reception hall or church, so where are they being held? Unique venues like golf courses make great wedding venues!

6 Edible Wedding Favours That People Like to Receive

Deciding on purchasing wedding favours is a tedious task. It should depend on the choices of the guests and sometimes of the couple. It should be something that can remind the guests about the wonderful time they had at the wedding.

5 Things You Did Not Know About a Typical Kerala Wedding

Kerala is a cool and chill state of India and the language spoken there is Malayalam. And there you could find most Nair caste people. As you know that, Nair cast people’s dressing, habits and style are very different comparing to normal Malayali people living in Kerala. But overall, the wedding style of Kerala and their rituals are too different.

The Essentials for Event Planning: Wedding Edition

By experience and minor research, I have conducted a conclusion for the major steps accompanied by suggestions, for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. For this day to be special for the particular couple, determinations of what they will take from this memorable milestone in life begin at the moment following the proposal–the planning process. Everything that is taken into consideration before the big celebration among friends and families of both parties should to be laid out and understood, as well as followed through with for the entire process in order for it to be a success.

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